Thursday, 16 August 2018

UPDATED ETA at Sainsbury’s 10 AM

Team will be arriving at Sainsbury’s about 10.00 AM today. Please be on time or a little early if possible, so Mike and Sheena can head straight off (it’s Sheena’s birthday today!) 

All the best,

Josh and the Inspire Team 

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Team at Chileka Airport

Just to let you all know that the team have safely checked in for their flight, which should be departing shortly.

Their flight is scheduled to land at 07.05 tomorrow morning, and the blog will be updated with an ETA at Sainsbury's!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for following the blog and commenting, and to say a huge congratulations to the team - they have worked incredibly hard on the project, and the leaders had a great time working with them all. Also, a huge thank you to all the teachers involved in the two trips - there is a lot of admin and extra work that they take on to make the trips happen!

All the best,

Josh, Beth, and all the Inspire team.

Day 12: An incredible safari!

Dear all,

After an interesting nights sleep in the bush we awoke to the unfamiliar sounds of hippos and elephants roaming just outside our camp. Many of the team managed to catch a glimpse of one of the 2,000 noisy hippos making its way to the waters edge as we emerged from our tents . After the usual early morning rituals we made our way to the reception area for a much appreciated tea or coffee before our 6:30am boat safari . The views along the river were breathtaking , let alone the many animals we were privileged to see. The team was divided into two boats , however both groups gathered at the rivers edge to admire a herd elephants grazing and drinking the morning sun. As well as the elephants and hippos we also got to see crocodiles , water bucks , gannets, porcupines, eagles and many other smaller but equally as beautiful creatures . On our journey back to Kabula lodge we stopped to take a walk up the Zomba plateau and see the waterfall which was beautiful. We spent a pleasant night back at Kabula lodge with comfy mattresses and warmish showers all as the electricity decided to create a disco of lights flashing on and off in only our five rooms 
We’ve had the most amazing time and will try to keep you updated on our eta to Sainsbury’s, see everyone soon lots of love team two. X

Ps. Hope you had a fab birthday Pete- Love your favourite sister
Pps. Happy birthday Ed!!! Enjoy your last few days without me:) Alice x
Ppps. See you at Heathrow in the morning, can’t wait to see you both love you and miss you but not too long now. Love TatsπŸ’—

PPPS. TO ALL PARENTS!! We will try to post a rough ETA to Sainsbury’s tomorrow morning once the flight has landed!

This last photo looks like a stock photo - but it's just a fantastic shot by the Inspire leader, Victoria

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A tired team!

The team has another long day today, so will put a final blog post up tomorrow. They are in Blantyre for their last night in Malawi, with the morning to go to a craft market before their flight in the early afternoon. 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Day 11: Farewell and Safari!

Hiya fam and friends

I think I can definitely start this by saying that today has been such a special day for us all. 

We woke up early this morning to do some last minute packing for safari and to say our last heartfelt goodbyes to all our friends and staff at Kasupe (including a lovely speech from the headteacher of the local primary school which left us all emotional). The kids all ran up to our bus to wave and hug us goodbye as we left for a 4 hour drive to Liwonde safari. 

After putting up our tents for the night we all ran for hot showers and actual toilets, meaning we’re leaving our newly adopted squatting skills behind. After enjoying scones and tea, we headed off to safari, in 2 separate trucks and managed to see a load of different animals: a herd of 18 elephants, who came as close as to pass in front of our truck, a lot of porcupines, hippos and warthogs. It was such a surreal experience and was made so much better by watching the sunset by the lake with a drink and popcorn - bringing our team even closer together to reflect on this amazing experience.

Our ultimate cravings have been satisfied as we filled our hungry stomachs with a beef and chicken BBQ - some of us might have gone overboard, oops πŸ˜‹ 
And to the Mums and Dads, believe it or not we were all really surprised to see so many tourists glued to their phones during dinner. It’s become so weird to see the western way of living again and we’re already missing Kasupe and the overall atmosphere is so different. We’re also sure that we smell pretty vile to all the other guests here. Despite the hot showers I think it’ll take us a while to scrub off all the dirt. 

Off now to sleep in our tents, praying to not get too many baboons or hippos crashing our sleepover - or tripping over our guy lines! πŸ˜… As writing this we just heard there is an elephant in the camp - it’s all good the guards and Sheena are sure to protect us. 

Nighty night, 
Love to you all, 
Team 2 (Liv V and Becca) x

Little message to Debbie Vaile from Liv V: 

Happy birthday for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you all day and sending you loads of cuddles and love. I miss you very much and can’t wait to see you on Thursday. Have a safe flight back from Boston, enjoy a little glass of prosecco or a few πŸ˜‰ I love you millions ❤❤xxx

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Day 10: A sunrise to remember

Dear friends, family and fans,

The days are now going very quickly and the arrival home is getting closer and closer. Although we can’t wait to get back, we are going to miss this place a lot and are trying to make every moment count. This morning was a different experience for a lot of us and one which wasn’t initially appreciated very much. Our morning routine was interrupted by a sharp awakening from Ingrid at 4:10am. We began with a leisurely stroll but quickly turned into a Bear Grylls style mountain climb. We finally reached the top of ‘love mountain’ and were welcomed by a beautiful sunrise. It was an amazing location which was sacred to the surrounding villagers. We soon forgot the early rise and admitted the long walk was worthwhile. After heading back to the camp, our morning of work began and the pro pointers (Oli, Jazz, Becca, Immy, Lucy, Zara and Liv V) got to work along with a group painting lime on the walls of the room. It was a fun morning despite the Fundis dishing out the banter for winning the football yesterday. Once work and lunch were finished,
we were fortunate enough to have a market come to the camp. There was some beautiful art and souvenirs and we all got the opportunity to learn to barter with the locals (some were more brutal than others). This evening we were further surprised by some massive speakers blasting Malawian pop music throughout Kasupe. We had a fab time dancing with the local kids and as always Bob Marley managed to bring everybody together. The evening ended up on the high with biscuits and hot chocolate.  

Finally, we just wanted to update the family and friend back home on the recent food cravings/possibly some ideas for meals on our return:

Alex - burger/spaghetti Bolognese and a beer
Sian - double cheese burger
Liv M - stuffed crust pizza
Immy - steak/naan bread/Wagas 
Lucy - carbonara/dads BBQ/Wagas
Esme - toast and marmite from work/hoisin duck wrap 
Freja - chicken and prawn yaki soba/Camembert/cold fresh orange juice
Becca - spag bol/peas
Alice - fruit smoothie/hash browns 
Liv V - cooked breakfast/homemade smoothie
Marky - sausage and egg McMuffin x12
Oli - KFC
Tash - potato rosti with chicken 
Jazz - crispy duck pancakes and an Oreo milkshake
Lily - quarter pounder/ice latte 
Zara - mums salads and sweet potato 
Sheena - steak, salad, garlic mushroom and champagne 
Mike - halloumi pittas 

All are expected on return, hope you can all achieve. 

Lots of love from Immy and Becca and team 2 xox

P.S. hopefully the picture goes through, but we wanna say a massive ‘we miss you’ to Annie. Love you lots hun xo

P.P.S. Also want to wish happy bday to our fave gal Franki. We miss you lots and hope you have an amazing day, love from Becca, Immy, Alex and Jazz xxxxxxx

P.P.S. Granma and Grandad, Mike bought Bao and we played with Stevie and Beatrice- I’ve learnt how to play it, I will teach you at home!!! - Olivia M xxx

Friday, 10 August 2018

Day 9: Footy!

Hi all,

Today was an exciting day! Down at the project site we were super productive clearing the mountain of bricks and fully cementing the floor in one of the rooms. We’ve all enjoyed the company of the fundis, especially Oli and Sian who got welcomed into the fundi family due to their hard-core cement mixing. (We can’t wait to implement our repertoire of building skills back home).

However by the afternoon, the new found friendships with the fundis were brutally shattered during a nail-biting football match, Team 2 and Youth Group VS Fundis. We had our doubts so we tried to intimidate them with our warm up but when Marky broke the goal with a shot to the crossbar, we decided that might not be possible. We started off the match looking wobbly, the fundis pulling ahead 1-0 but we soon got into the swing of things when the youth group came to our rescue. We worked together to score two amazing goals with Oli getting an assist and our amazing front three (Zara, Jazz and Immy) doing pure bits all match. Mike ended up on his back after an incident involving balls ⚽ and got wiped out by Alex-  who saved our skin with an insane block on the goal line but in the end it was 2-2, but obviously we couldn’t leave it as a draw. 

Penalties were the most intense ones that we’ve ever experienced - arguably worse than the Colombia England match. Oli scored a scorcher, Alex’s penalty was a beautiful right top corner shot (smashing Victoria in the face behind the goal) and Liv put so much effort into her beautiful goal (it was actually so gorgeous- Liv) that she ended up on her gluteus maximus. The lovely Charles missed - unbelievable! - leaving the Fundis sadly 4-3 up. It was an incredible atmosphere, unlike anything else and a brilliant end to a brilliant day. 

Night night everyone- it’s an early night for us as we’re being blessed with an early morning 4:30 wake up to see the sun rise! Hope all is well at home x

Lots of love,
Zara and Liv xx